Church Against Domestic Abuse (CADA) is a faith-based organisation working to prevent and end domestic abuse, especially in Christian homes. According to the Bible, men and women are created equal in the sight of God and as such, should treat each other with dignity and respect with no form of oppression. 

The “Church” in our nomenclature refers first of all to individuals who are   members of the body of Christ. It transcends location, building or denomination. 

We are inter-denominational and our work entails working alongside with both members and leaders of denominations and local assemblies to prevent and end domestic abuse amongst church members and the larger society in general.

 We believe that domestic abuse in the church is perpetuated by individuals and that preventing   and ending   domestic abuse will occur when individuals are taught correctly. Right teaching will challenge and change unhealthy relationship attitudes and behaviours while promoting attitudes and beliefs that are in line with the biblical principles of justice, honour and dignity in relationships, freedom from oppression as well as family harmony. 

The call to fight against domestic abuse is the responsibility of each member of the body of Christ. This fight will start from our Christian homes and extend to our society in general. As long as you are a believer in Christ, you are part of the church and automatically part of CADA.