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Take the quiz and test your understanding of domestic abuse.

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There is a written policy for Domestic abuse(a specific plan/procedure in place for how to respond when someone discloses domestic abuse)  in my church.

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I know the local shelter in my area for victims of domestic abuse.

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There is a named individual in the church whom people know to meet if they have issues with Domestic abuse.

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I know what to do as required by the law when a parishioner reports Domestic abuse.

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There is a designated fund to  help  victims of domestic abuse.

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I am aware of the Domestic Abuse Bill that was recently passed  in April 2021.

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I have preached a sermon on Domestic abuse in the past.

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I know the Domestic Abuse Awareness Month and  International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women/Girls.

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There are Marriage Enrichment Classes for couples who are married in my church.

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Domestic abuse is taught as part of the curriculum for our pre-marital classes.

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There are regular sessions of prayer for victims of abuse, abusers and the work of specialised organisations working with them

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I understand what Domestic abuse is and the various forms of abuse.

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