Although the word domestic abuse is not mentioned in the Bible, there are numerous examples of domestic abuse and its devastating effects in it 

It might be uncomfortable to talk on the subject of abuse at first but doing this from the pulpit is one way to prevent and end domestic abuse. Recognising and celebrating days such as “International Day for Ending Violence against Women and Girls!”,” International Day for Men and for Women “respectively as well as the” Domestic Abuse Awareness month “can all be avenues to let your parishioners know that God hates oppression, cares about what goes on in their homes and how they treat one another. These days can also be used as healing days and days for public prayer for victims of domestic abuse.

You can also enhance your skills by listening to other great sermons preached on domestic abuse. Our Newsletter usually features a Sermon on domestic abuse as well as resource materials such as recommended books, latest updates on current legislation and practical ways of building healthy relationships and   tackling domestic abuse from a faith perspective.

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