Supporting parishioners experiencing domestic abuse can be demanding and take its toll on you as a Pastor. It is important to always take the time to protect your own emotional and mental health while ministering to the people. 

 It might also be useful to make use of in-house resources and create a committee comprising professionals (about 3 members depending on your church size) who can help in dealing with these matters so you can give your full attention to your primary duties. You can also ask for volunteers to be trained by CADA to help serve as the Domestic abuse resource persons for your church.

 There might also be a need to create a support network that caters for the needs of these specific group of hurt sheep in your congregation, allowing them to have breakout sessions in the church and regular meetings to encourage one another. 

Pastoral support should also be provided for perpetrators as some may be desiring to change. There is a difference between remorse and repentance   and perpetrators need to be held accountable and encouraged to get the necessary help they need to change destructive patterns of behaviour. Remember however that those who have truly changed show fruits and respect their partners decision for restoration.  

For advice on several other practical ways of support as well as what your church can do, please contact us.