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FACT: Domestic abuse is an equal opportunity employer. It occurs in every fragment of society irrespective of race, religion, educational status, age, sex, sexuality, socio-economic status, disability and lifestyle.

FACT:  Everyone is tempted to do what they really want to do, an approach like this shields the abuser from any responsibility for their own behaviour which they are fully in control of at any given place and time.

FACT:  While we do not underestimate the power of prayer, there is a need for intervention in the form of teaching, behavioural change and much more that is needed to end and prevent domestic abuse.

FACT: Irrespective of what the situation is in a relationship, violence is never justifiable and should never be an option. There is NO excuse for domestic abuse.

FACT: Although this might be a risk factor, not all who grew up in abusive homes end up becoming abusers. Blaming excuse on childhood experience/generational curse is another way abusers avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

FACT:  Physical abuse is just one of the forms of domestic abuse that an abuser can use to yield power and control over an intimate partner. Spiritual, financial, digital, emotional are all other forms of abuse that can be equally damaging .

FACT:  Leaving an abusive situation can be very complicated with several factors to consider; finances, culture, false guilt, shame, fear of harm to self and the children   as well as the hope that things would eventually change can be barriers to leaving.

FACT: Abusers make a decision to abuse and do so with forethought choosing whom, when and how and are able to control their behaviour to portray a certain picture to the public at different times.

FACT:  Although alcohol or drugs can be a catalyst for attack or make existing domestic abuse worse, they do not cause abuse. There are many people who take drugs/alcohol and do not abuse their partners. Blaming the use of drugs/alcohol intake as a reason for being abusive is a way of perpetrators excusing their behaviour and not taking any responsibility for their actions.

FACT:  Domestic abuse affects everyone of us in one way or the other and it is our responsibility to speak up for the weak and oppressed.  God hates abuse and oppression and while Jesus was on earth,  fighting oppression was a key part of  mission statement (Luke 4:12-18) Domestic abuse is against the law, it is a criminal offence and it is everybody’s business..

These and other myths may leave you feeling upset, uncomfortable and blaming yourself for what has happened to you. Abuse is never the fault of the victim; it is 100% the choice and responsibility of the abuser.

If you or your children are in immediate danger, PLEASE CALL 999 and ask for the police emergency service.