Dear Pastor,

Being a Pastor is a huge responsibility especially as most members of your congregation look up to you as their role model and a representative of God. This position of authority and influence means that you are well suited to lead by example and teach biblical principles for healthy relationships.

The myth that domestic abuse does not happen in the church has long been debunked and research has shown that the first person most Christians would talk to when attempting to disclose abuse is their Pastor but most Pastors do not feel comfortable to deal with issues of domestic abuse citing the lack of knowledge as a key factor.

 But there is hope and CADA (Church Against Domestic Abuse) is here to help. 

We have created this resource page to help you see how you can reach your goal of bridging the knowledge gap as well as being able to support and minister to your congregation in practical ways. 

We are also happy to work with you to engage the different groups in your church in order to create the much-needed culture shift of healthy relationships and “Zero Tolerance” to abuse, thus helping to prevent and end abuse in Christian homes.

For further support, information or training needs for you, your team or the entire church, kindly contact us.