As far back as three decades ago when I became a Christian, I have always had an interest in practical Christian living and was greatly influenced in my early years by the writings of the late Sewlyn Hughes in his devotional Every Day With Jesus. I discovered it was impossible to live the Christian life without relating properly with other people. This passion for healthy relationships made me start a relationship blog in 2011 called “Dishusbandmata”.(

The work at “Dishusbandmata” ( and my daily interactions with people exposed me to several Christians who were experiencing unhealthy relationships. 

Somehow, I realised that God kept putting across my path children of his that were hurting and also other like-minded believers who were interested in doing something about the problem.

But the desire to help was not enough. I did some reading looking at various research carried out on the magnitude of the problem as well as how the Church in general is addressing the issue. I quickly realised that in most Pentecostal and evangelical churches, the subject of domestic abuse is the white elephant in the room. There was a deficiency in the correct and biblical response to domestic abuse. This in itself is dangerous as most believers struggling with domestic abuse in the first instance usually turn to their Pastors for help.

Following several informal counselling and prayer sessions with people, the burden continued to grow and I confess, I struggled with taking ownership. But in 2016, after witnessing yet another incident of domestic abuse on the streets among Christians, the decision was made to help people on a wider and more formal platform and Church Against Domestic Abuse (CADA)  was borne.

This vision has been going on for years since 2016 and it is a privilege to be able to serve the body of Christ as well as the larger society as a whole. Gracilis