Domestic abuse has a great impact on children also and it is important for your church to cater for them as well as their parents. Emotional, spiritual and educational support needs are all areas where support should be provided. They can also be referred to appropriate services. 

A preventive approach which focuses on teaching our teenagers, and young adults on good relationship skills such as conflict resolution, building healthy relationships, recognising toxic people, communication as well as setting boundaries to mention a few can be incorporated into their curriculum/special meetings.

 Parents may also be concerned about their children who may have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse and require help with Counselling, Intentional Parenting, and helping their children set and meet educational goals. 

CADA is happy to work with your church to help with seminars/workshops as well as directly with   parents and children to   put them also in touch with trained Counsellor, Education mentors and Intentional Parenting Coaches. as they may require.

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